Paradox Books

Paradox Books began with the publication of Back to the Garden in 1999. Since then, most of the creative efforts at Paradox have branched off into comics, television, and film. . . but print literature will always remain at the center of our conflicted heart.


Back to the Garden

Our first published project, Back to the Garden was an allegorical novel that (among other things) attempted to point out the folly of generational conflicts as well as the capricious nature of fame in modern American society. Read more...



The Necromancer

The first book in the Soulgrave series will detail the adventures of Solvarr Soulgrave, a new and unique character in the fantasy genre. Read more...

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Preview The Necromancer!

Free preview of the first chapter of The Necromancer here!

Properties in Development
  • Wonder Lad
  • The Rook
  • Gunsmith
  • 'Lil Aly Gator
  • And More!