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Solvarr Soulgrave is a riddle to everyone, including himself. Is he good or evil? Nobleman or thief? Man or demon? He could be none of these things, or he could be all of them and more.

The world of Solvarr is a medieval fantasy setting akin to Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. A primitive world where might makes right; where power belongs to those ruthless enough to seize it and strong enough to hold it.

Solvarr is a necromancer—a wielder of dark magic, boldly interfering in the divine forces that control life and death. Is it his unique destiny to save the world by destroying it?

Solvarr is currently slated to star in the Soulgrave series of books from Paradox and may also appear as a creative property in future seasons of This Is The Bronze Age.

Preview the first chapter of the first book in
the series, The Necromancer, here!