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       "The young man or woman writing today has forgotten the
        problems of the human heart in conflict with itself which
        alone can make good writing because only that is worth
        writing about, worth the agony and the sweat."

            —William Faulkner, Nobel Speech, December 10, 1950


How can one heart be in conflict with itself? It feels like a contradictory statement—and it is—yet it is also true. The human heart is a complex piece of machinery, full of desire. . . full of many desires. Many different desires, all at once. Oftentimes the heart simultaneously holds two desires that are at complete odds with one another. You can dream of settling down, getting married and having a family; yet at the same time you can also dream of enjoying your freedom and independence forever, of having no responsibilities and no ties to anyone else. You cannot have both things and you know this. Still you want both things. One heart can hold the deepest love for another person, and yet at the same time it can also hold hatred and resentment that is just as deep for this very same person. This is the paradox of the human condition, of desire, of the heart. Not only is it possible for the human heart to be in conflict with itself, it almost invariably is in conflict with itself at nearly all times. This is the puzzle from which Paradox Comics takes its name; a puzzle that continues to inspire all of our creative efforts.

Here at Paradox, the emphasis is on character. Characterization is the engine that pushes every good story and our stories are all about characters and the conflicts they face—both with others and, most especially, within themselves. As Mr. Faulkner said, this is the only thing that can make good writing; the only thing worth writing about.

Paradox Comics is the home of several comic-book style properties currently in development. From superheroes to sci-fi, horror to funny animals, we got 'em all! In addition, we are also developing (and have developed) content in other media, including Web material attached to this very site. Feel free to wander about and see it all for yourself.



Wonder Lad

We've all fantasized about what it would be like to travel in a time machine. This fantasy often includes a trip to the past to indulge our nostalgia; to visit places that no longer exist in the present, or perhaps see people we've since lost (or never had the chance to meet at all) in our present-day lives. What if you could travel back in time and meet your younger self? Many people imagine meeting their younger selves and warning them against terrible things that will happen in the future. Not many, however, stop to consider what their younger selves might have to say tothem. What might your younger self think of the person you've become? What might they say about the choices you made? Would they be impressed with you? Or disappointed?

While we would all like to think they would be impressed, the hard truth is that they'd likely be disappointed. For most of us, our teenage selves would look at us in shock and wonder how we ever let this happen. They'd see a sell-out and a traitor, someone who gave up too easily on their dreams; someone who settled for less; who was too quick to compromise, taking the path of least resistance rather than fight for what they truly wanted and truly loved.

Perhaps this is what they would think. Or perhaps this is just what we would expect them to think. At its core, Wonder Lad is about a forty-something man who is forced to confront his sixteen-year-old self. And occasionally save the world. Read more...



Lil' Aly Gator

Aly Gator is absurdist humor at it's most absurd. It's about an alligator who can't seem to recognize that she's an alligator. As she tries to get along in the human world, she can't help but feel so very different from everyone else around her. She just can't seem to put her finger on why. Read more...



...And More!

In addition to Wonder Lad and Lil' Aly Gator, we have several other characters and properties we are developing. Have a look around and if you see anything you like, please let us know! Read More...